UniAire Home Comfort
98 Timberline Trial -unit No.2 Aurora
Central Ontario -Greater Toronto Area, ON L4G 5Z9

Winter in ontario can be harsh and having a high efficiency and quality heating system is a wise decision to put you and your family in comfort zone.

Remember that when furnace's manufactures are making a furnace, they are not design or make exactly for your home needs . All of them are on default and it is the responsible of professional technician to install and adjust the furnace to operate optimally.The professional technician must adjust furnace with your needs to make your home in highest comfort.Even highest level efficient furnace in market could waste money if not tuned and install correctly according your home needs.Our technicians are fully trained to adjust and check all the steps in installation such as air flow in plenum, measure heat loss, fan speed, gas pressure, setting timers and air quality after installation.
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