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About Allard Custom Homes

Dom Allard is the founder of Allard Custom Homes and has been in the construction industry for over 10 years. Allard Custom Homes is excited to offer services to homeowners who are looking to either renovate their homes or build a brand-new home. We're excited to offer higher-quality services to the general public at a cost effective price. 

Dom has worked for several builders and has overseen the construction of many projects. During one of his tenures, he worked for a high-end luxury builder in the GTA as an executive project manager and was brought in to run their project management team and oversee the construction of several multi-million dollar homes.  He also improved the company processes from sales to project management and implemented cloud software (BuilderTrend) to provide clients more transparency on project costs and project timelines. 

Dom's background includes experience in large corporate settings providing him experience in dealing in a professional manner and process driven fashion serving clients for over 25 years in various industries. Dom has extensive project management experience working for a Fortune 500 company and has completed the Project management Institute (PMI) training. He knows how to properly set expectations, define a solid project plan and ensure quality throughout. What's in it for you?  A smoother project. Timelines are met. Budgets are achieved. Customer satisfaction is high!

Dom is extremely friendly and approachable! Our fees are competitive and we look forward to helping you do your custom project or home renovation on time on budget and with the quality that one would expect.

Dom Allard, Chief Builder

New Custom Builds

Allard Custom Homes can help you design your dream home and provide invaluable advice when figuring out your target floor plans. You will usually have an older home that needs to be demolished and we then proceed to create a new foundation for your target home. These projects typically start around $400,000 for smaller 2,000 sqft homes and go up accordingly.  Our project management skills allow us to complete new builds in 6-9 months!

Large Scale Renovations

Allard Custom Homes can help you transform your older home into a brand new interior.  We typically start with a complete or partial "gut job". We then remove existing walls to create open spaces (usually for a combined kitchen and family room) and move partition walls to create or modify existing rooms.  In the process, there may be structural work to increase ceiling heights in the basement (through underpinning) and on the main floor.  Projects typically start around $100,000 for a small 1,400 sqft two-storey home.

Rear Additions

We can build an addition to your existing home by removing the back (or side) wall and create a concrete or block wall  foundation for the extended living space. We then frame a one or two-storey addition that will extend the footprint of your existing home.  These projects typically involve removing most partition walls on both the main and second floor and laying out a brand new floor plan to accomodate a large family room on the main floor and additional bedrooms and bathrooms on the second floor. These projects typically start around $200,000 depending on the size of the addition. 

Second Storey additions

We can add a second storey to your existing bungalow!  We will start by removing the existing roof, then create the floor and staircase and frame the new second floor layout. These are exciting project as you typically double the size of your home and reconfigure the entire main floor in the process.  You'll end up with a brand new home!  These projects typically start around $200,000 for an 800 sqft bungalow.  We work
extremely fast and can typically complete the entire project within 4-6 months!

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