Directory Pricing

Single Listing Pricing Plans
Support-Staff only $1.00
To be used by staff only
Subscription Pricing Plans
Advertise your business and get projects -2 months $452.99
Featured directory listing with 1 video clip. 
Renews after 2 months. 
 Provide: Residential, Commercial & Government Business Opportunities 
The majority of projects are new constructions and major renovations 
Contractors should Apply  at the projects they are interested at.
  • 10 construction projects per month
  • 5 government projects per month
Get small projects -3 months $209.99
Regular Directory Listing.  
Get small and medium projects .
Renews after three months. 
Trade Business Opportunities -6 months plan $678.99
Featured directory listing with one video clip.
Provide trade projects like electrical, plumbing drywall etc
Renews  after 6 months
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